Korean Pork Belly & Chives Stir-Fry 08.23.20

This recipe is pretty simple. Two thick slices of pork belly with the skin on called “ogyupsal” in korean as opposed to the usual “samgyupsal” which is without the skin on. First sear all sides well then cut them into cubes. Add in some whole garlic and korean chives kimchi (which we had on hand). Cook them together in a pot and then once a little cooked down, cover the lid to prevent splattering as well to steam and cook down the chives. If we did not have chives kimchi on hand probably would have just gone with cooking the meat and garlic. We might have added in regular korean cabbage kimchi that you usually see when referring to kimchi. This was cooked by my boyfriend this time. It was delicious!~ Good to enough to sell and would definitely cook like this again if we buy the same cut of meat.

To eat with this, we had Korean cold noodles (water and mixed spicy kind) and kimchi dumpling pancake which these two I cooked. The korean cold noodles were cooked according to the package. I like water based cold noodles so that was for me and my boyfriend the mixed spicy cold noodles. Also to revitalize the kimchi dumplings that I made which ended up sticking together in the freezer (which now I know how not to make that happen when I make the next batch within few weeks), cut them into slices and flattened them out shaping them into discs like Korean pancake. It was actually pretty good and chewy like an actual korean pancake. Both my boyfriend and I were surprised and thought it was delicious. Also to eat with these, my homemade korean cubed radish kimchi and some side stir-fry kimchi that I made a few days ago. This was a really good combination!~

This was featured in our youtube mukbang channel. We changed our channel name to make it shorter to ramzimonsta. So please search that on youtube to find us and watch our videos~ Subscribe for more, like and feel free to leave comments so we can improve!~

Link to video: https://youtu.be/LYRRxvFyg9k

Thank you for reading as always!~

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