Kimchi Dumpling Pizza with Korean Spicy Carbonara Chicken Noodles 09.09.20

So on Wednesday when my both my boyfriend and I were home, I was getting hungry for dinner. As the night before we both drank at his friend’s housewarming, I was craving something spicy and good.

Fried the kimchi dumplings I made few weeks back in a fry pan first. Once all cooked I topped with shredded mozzeralla cheese on top to cover completely. Kimchi dumpling pizza complete~

Then I cooked the Korean instant spicy chicken noodles carbonara flavor which is our favorite. Cooked 2 packages according to the package directions. Easy and simple dinner.

Added after taking picture but cooked half of a kielbasa and ate with the noodles which was a nice addition by my boyfriend *^^* it was really filling but satisfying meal. ♡ Next time when you feel like not doing too much cooking try this out! You can make your own combination of dumplings and spicy noodles you have on hand. Like and subscribe for more~

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