Soba Noodles Broth 09.20.20

For this past Sunday’s dinner menu was Soba noodles and Korean kimchi pancakes for our mukbang epsiosde (but this week was special in that made a Ramzi Only version (meaning me)). We will probably rotate on solo shootings and couple shootings.

I made the broth for the soba noodles myself and it was easier than I thought. 10 cups of water (small paper cups), 2 small paper cups of korean soy sauce, 2 whole onions sliced, dried shrimp, green onion, dried kelp, 1/2 small paper cup of korean cooking wine and 1 small paper cup of korean oligo sugar syrup.

Let that come to a boil and then simmer for about 15-20 minutes. Drain the broth and now you have the sauce for soba noodles! Cool the sauce and let chill in the fridge overnight.

To this when eating, add in some wasabi and grated radish to your liking and taste with the noodles.

With the ingredients to make the broth, made it into seasoned mixed veggies and shrimp salad by adding in a bit of salt, sesame oil and sesame seeds. For me, perfect pairing with some white rice to eat as bibimbap.

Below is a snapshot of our mukbang episode.

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