Mom’s Touch 09.30.20

I have always been wanting to try out Mom’s Touch (Franchise from Korea) after hearing recommendation from someone I knew from previous work. Finally got to try with my boyfriend last Wednesday as we were out doing other errands that day.

We each got a different type of burger with fries and volcano fries to share. I got the spicy thigh burger (picture below). The sauce was delicious with the nice spiciness touch from the thigh. The chicken thigh was fried really well and deliciously. The size is bigger than shown in the picture hard to put all in one bite at first.

My boyfriend got the Incredible burger (shown below). He also though the chicken was fried really well and was delicious. The sauce on his was also really good a bit on the sweeter side. His burger also had ham and egg. Will try this one next time~ ^^

For sides to share we got regular french fries and Volcano (shown below). We realized later that volcano were with fries so next time, we will order one or the other. The fries were also fried decliously with this sauce on the side that was given, really good with a hint of spiciness. The volcano fries were delicious too with the bulgogi, pickeled jalapeno, onions and lettuce. It was surprizingly a very good combination altogther. The bulgogi was good so we both though bulgogi burger would be good to try next time. Maybe we will do a mukbang episode for Mom’s Touch!~ ^^ One other thing, the onions in both the burgers and in the volcano fries tastes really good, it was not just a raw onion taste, I believe they put it in cold water for a while to take out the raw onion spicy taste. In conclusion, this was a delicious foodie adventure!

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