Korean Style Beef Bone Broth Soup (“Gom Gook”) 11.15.20

As it has now turned into the cold season, it reminded me of some good old warm “gom gook” korean style beef bone broth soup. I looked up a good recipe and basically followed it. It is simple but a long tedious process. But the outcome is so worth it as you can use this broth to make other kroean dishes such as dduk gook (korean rice cake soup), korean army stew and many other soups that come with meat based broth soups.

To make this, I used one family package of beef ox tail bones, family package of beef feet bones and 1.5lb whole beef shank meat. You will need to first put the bones in cold water for about 8 hours to drain the blood and bone fragments. In between the 8 hours, at least 3-5 times drain the water and fill with new cold water. As for the shank meat, you would just need to drain blood for about 30 minutes in cold water. Once that process is done, boil only the bones for about 20 minutes and drain the water, cleaning the bones in cold water. The put the cleaned bones back into the pot and place the shank meat on the very top as you will need to take it out separately in between. Fill wither water until the bones are all covered with water and a little more than that (I would say twice the level of where the meat is at). Start cooking at high temperature and then lower it to medium high when it starts to boil. We will be cooking it for 5 hours. In between make sure to ladle out the oil and waste that floats on top. After 3 hours, take out the shank meat only, let it cool and shred the meat with your hands. Let the rest keep on cooking for the last 2 hours. Please see the boiling process video below and the shredded meat picture below.

Once it has finished cooking, cool it and keep it in the fridge. We will be doing this process one more time. It will be the same process except the 3 hour mark as we will not be cooking with the shank meat again. Just cook it straight through 5 hours with the ladle skimming process in between. Once it has cooked through again, cool it and keep it in the fridge. Once both soups from the two processes has hardened like jello in the fridge, you will see white hardened layer on the very top which is the oil you don’t want so skim that off. Then combine the two soups and cook it again until it boils. Then you are done and ready to enjoy. You can add in the shank meat, some chopped green onion and add in salt and pepper to taste with some warm bowl of rice. I also use the meat that naturally comes from the bones too. Enjoy!~

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