Sweet Potato Mousse Crust Pizza 12.15.20

I tried making sweet potato filled crust pizza at home. I used the dough and sauce I have saved from last month after making chicago pizza. Please refer to the recipe for dough and sauce in that post: Chicago Pizza and Spicy Rose Pasta 11.08.20

To make the sweet potato mousse filling: Steamed 3 small Korean sweet potatoes, peeled and mashed them. Added in 5tbsp of milk(i used almond milk unsweetened), little bit of salt and honey 1.5tbsp as the sweet potatoes are already sweet.

Rolled out the dough to 11inch diameter and spread the sauce all around leaving 1.5 inch space on the border to put the sweet potato mousse filling and fold the dough over. Once that is done you can put on your choice of toppings. I put mozzerella cheese, pepperoni and some bell peppers.

Bake at 400 degrees for 15-20 minutes until cooked through, crispy brown edges. Enjoy!

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