Instant Pot Korean “Stone” Cooked Eggs

My favorite type of cooked eggs is the one you can eat at Korean Saunas which in korean it is called “maek ban suk gaeran”.

Usally in saunas this is traditionally cooked in the hot sauna stone rooms but at home you can use the Korean rice cookers. Instead of rice cooker found a way to use my instant pot.

First add about 400ml water and 1tbsp of salt. Using the steamer tray included in the instant pot lay 6 eggs on the tray. Then choose the meat stew cooking option on high pressure and set cooking time to 1hour 45minutes. I think you can even do for 2 hours.

Make sure the lid is set to closed not venting. Once it is done cooking, press keep warm and wait until the silver valve goes down on its’ own. Open, let cool and enjoy! You can peel and dip in some salt for seasoning to eat.

It came out a bit less brown probably if set for 2 hours it will come out more brown still tasted delicious the taste I was looking for.

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