Korean Bean Sprouts Party 07.10.20

Today I decided to make three different Korean dishes using the main ingredient Korean bean sprouts as I had a big bag of them. The first one above is Korean bean sprouts salad. First blanched them after washing them thoroughly. Afterwards put them in cold water. The sauce consists of soy sauce, sesame oil, gochugaru(red…

Park and Ice Cream on Grand 6.28.20

My boyfriend and I planned to have a meal together with his sister and her husband on Sunday which was yesterday. His sister suggested we pick up food for lunch and go to a park. The park was Tallman State Park which is a NY state park right near the line between NYS and NJ….

Trattoria 35 11.07.19

We had another team outing. We chose this place to try which we had made reservations beforehand. We ate so much but the food was phenomenal. We first started with 3 appetizers and a bottle of wine while waiting for one colleague who was at a class. We ordered baked clams (vongole al forno), calamari…

Lim’s Kitchen 10.10.19

For lunch on Thursday, manager Nari treated me and my coworker . I have not had korean boonshik in years! Boonshik is korean type of fast food. It is more of the newly opened restaurants on bell blvd. Picture below is korean style sushi roll it is correctly called kimbap. We got the tuna kimbap….