Beef with Broccoli

Beef with broccoli is such a simple recipe but when paired with just simple white rice or fried rice, it is delicious! Easy for a weeknight meal or for lunch meal prep. Ingredients: 1lb – 1.5 lb of flank steak 2 tbsp olive oil (or vegetable oil) 1lb broccoli ( 2 heads of broccoli) 2…

Korean Pork Belly & Chives Stir-Fry 08.23.20

This recipe is pretty simple. Two thick slices of pork belly with the skin on called “ogyupsal” in korean as opposed to the usual “samgyupsal” which is without the skin on. First sear all sides well then cut them into cubes. Add in some whole garlic and korean chives kimchi (which we had on hand)….